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Forge of empires hack cheat diamonds maker v 1.1

Forge of empires hack cheat diamonds maker v 1.1

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Starting: Forge of empires hack cheat diamonds maker v 1.1

If you start playing for the first time, you must first try our tutorials or hacks and cheats and do as many missions as you can. But after a, while it becomes more difficult to complete the missions, and it will take longer to complete them. Now the time has come to you to continue alone and take charge of your city. So just

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The city:

The foundations of a successful city are production. Only if you produce enough supplies and coins can you get the latest buildings and military units? You should also take into account the number of residential buildings and assets you have since these are your main income.

Compare the buildings you can build with great care – there are always buildings that suit your playing style. The level of happiness is also important, because if your citizens are happy their production is more efficient. So build cultural buildings and decorations, always try to have your people excited.


  • Plan ahead
  • Do not let your Forge Points accumulate or you will lose them
  • Make sure you collect your bones as fast as you can
  • Use your goods deposits and exchange them for others in the market
  • Use the surface you have effectively and effectively
  • Get as many expansions as you can – they never expire and are essential for the development
  • Make sure your supplies are not spoiled
  • Do not forget the daily reward of your City Hall
  • Always pay attention to the happiness of your citizens

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