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Forge of empires cheats no survey

Forge of empires cheats no survey

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Forge of empires cheats no survey:

In Forge of empires great buildings cheat, there are several classifications or rankings. In order to see them, you have to click on the laurel wreath that appears at the top left of your screen, where next to it is the number that indicates your position in the individual ranking.

Forge of empires cheats no survey

Then a window with 4 tabs will open. Depending on which selections will show you the 4 types of rankings that currently exist:

  1. Guilds: Shows the ranking of guilds ordered by prestige points. Additionally, it shows us additional information of each guild, such as its guild level, the number of members it has and the number of days it has as Top 1.
  2. Players: shows the individual ranking, ordered by the number of points. In addition to the nick of the player we see his guild and the number of battles won.
  3. Medals: is the third-ranking that can be seen, where players are ordered by the number of medals they have. As in the ranking of players you can also see the guild of each player and the number of battles won he has.
  4. Great Buildings: it is the 4th classification that shows us the game. This is based on the level of the Great Building of the higher level that each player possesses. In addition to the player, you can see the age of the GE and his progress in the level.
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Medal ranking

To this ranking, it hurts to give less importance than the other 2 although for some players being high in this classification is a goal. And that despite the fact that at least initially the medals are useful for our city since through them we can achieve expansions.

The medals are achieved in different ways:

  1. Through PVP tournaments
  2. As event awards
  3. Through Coliseum and Deal Castle
  4. As prizes after climbing levels in Great Buildings
  5. With some special buildings like the tower of victory, well of desires or caravanserai.
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There is a player versus player or PVP tournament for each age and when you discover the corresponding tower you can score on it. To do this you must win battles with units of that age and the battle points achieved will be taken into account for that tournament.

Realize that you can carry some units of lower ages but never of superiors since you always score for the tournament of the age that marks your most advanced used unit.

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Before the war of guilds appeared only points were won by battles of the campaign mode and against neighbors. Now those who win usually take out the GVG battles points, which does not seem quite right to me because it is another game mode. GVG should not have so much influence on PVP and however, it currently has a lot. But well, we continue with what we are.  Get Forge of empires cheats and tips

Through missions and especially through events you can get many medals too.

Some players ride Coliseum or Deal to generate medals. If your goal is to be high in the medal ranking I recommend doing them, especially the Deal since the Coliseum gives much less. However, from my experience, it is not usually a good investment for our city, although many believe that with them you get more expansions. But I say, and at what cost? We will have a large area of our occupied city that could be used for other uses such as to attack more, generate more resources or move faster.

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