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Forge of empires cheats for android and ios

Forge of empires cheats for android and ios

Discover Forge of empires cheats for android and ios unlimited coins and diamonds latest version. Download Forge of empires hack cheat diamonds maker v 1.1

Forge of empires cheats for android and ios:

Special abilities Cheats and Hacks:

There are some units cheats for android and ios in the game that has greater tactical options for the players, with special abilities. Get Forge of empires great buildings cheat

Bombing: Gain damage done by each space that approaches the target and ignores Hide and Seek. Download Forge of Empires Cheats Unlimited Free Coins and Diamonds

Duty Call: Grants attack and defense bonus to allied units when it dies. It only applies once.

Cavalry: Attack and defense bonus delivery when you are the only unit with this ability in your army. Download Forge of empires cheats no survey

Close Barracks: Grant attack bonus when attacking in an adjoining field.

Contact!: Always counter-attacks against attacks within your range.

Dragon Breath: Attack a row of enemies up to two spaces behind the enemy target without receiving counter-attack. Download Forge of empires cheats android hack

Entrenched: Receives additional defense when the enemy is more than two fields away.

Flying: Can not be attacked by artillery units. Ignores terrain by being in motion.

Forcefield: Absorbs damage points, at a minimum of 1 point of damage.

Frenzy: Causes damage to enemy units in a range of 1 space around the unit, in addition to damaging the target unit. Download Forge of empires cheats and tips

Heat: Reduces target attack.

Last battle: Earn attack and defense bonus for each unit with this same ability that is eliminated in the battle.

MIRV: It hits its target, and an addition of 1 and 3 units, within the range.

Moral: All allied units start a battle with 1 armor point. It is not cumulative.

A Shot: It is removed from the battle after attacking. Die if the battle is lost.

Poison: 50% chance to poison units when attacking. Poisoned units lose 1 VP each turn.

Energy Shot: Ignores defensive skills and terrain.

Quick Response: Start the battle in a random field on the battle map. Acts before any other unit.

Motivation: All allied units start a battle with bonus% bonus attack and defense. This ability does not accumulate. Download Forge of empires battle cheats

Armor Reactive: It does not receive more than 4 damage per attack.

Recharge: Shoot turn in half.

Secret Identity: Ignore the first damage and transform into another unit of your army. It will die if you do not have units without this ability remaining in the army when it is damaged for the first time.

Hide-and-seek (on land): When on different land varieties, they can only be attacked by adjacent (not remote) units.

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