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Forge of empires cheats and tips

Forge of empires cheats and tips

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Forge of empires cheats and tips:

Movement and Attack: Forge of empires cheats and tips

Forge of Empires CheatThe battle has rounds. Basically, each unit moves and attacks once per round. They move according to their movement points, but each type of terrain will cost a different amount. Directly after moving, if there is an opposing unit within range, the unit may attack. Light, heavy, and fast units must attack an adjacent field, units in range can fire at enemies within their range. Download Forge of empires battle cheats

There is no need to worry about the counter-attack of the units at a distance; even so, in close combat, fast, light and heavy units can defend themselves. It works like this: First, the attacker does his damage, then the unit that was damaged returns the attack.

Even so, there is only one counter-attack per round: even the strongest unit can be defeated by waves of enemies in this way. Forge of empires cheats android hack

Hurt: Forge of empires cheats and tips

Each unit has a maximum of 10 life points. The amount of points that an attack removes is calculated unsaid the current life points and the attack value of the attacker, the defense value of the attacked, the terrain, other bonuses (some units have bonuses if they fight against units of a particular type) and a random factor.

Thus, a unit with a high attack value does more damage, a unit with all its points does more damage to a damaged unit. Get Forge of empires cheats for android and ios

On the other hand, a great defense means more armor – the unit receives less damage. If a unit loses all its points it is destroyed. Available Forge of empires cheats no survey

Ground: Forge of empires cheats and tips

On the battle map, there are different types of terrain. Forest, shrubs, rocks, mountains, plains, and marshes are some of them. The terrain has two different effects in the game.

First, it affects movement. Areas with water are impossible to penetrate, and other types will cost extra points of movement to be crossed. Forge of empires great buildings cheat

On the other hand, the terrain provides battle bonuses: light units obtain defense in bushes and forests, heavy units are better protected in the plains, long distance units have attack bonus when they are in mountains, while units of the short range are better in the rocks. Only fast units do not have ground bonifications.

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