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Forge of empires battle cheats

Forge of empires battle cheats

Get Forge of empires battle cheats hacks Mod Apk. Download Forge of empires cheats and tips for Android and IOS no survey latest version.

Forge of empires battle cheats:

Whoever wants to Forge of empires cheats android hack. In Forge of empires cheats no survey, the militia has an important role. They can use their units to attack the other players or conquer provinces on the Continent Map. To go to battle, first, they need units. These are made in military buildings. In your Army Management, you can manage the units and add them to your attack or defense army.

Army Management: Forge of empires battle cheats

The management of the military window is the perfect and interesting way to manage your all units. They can mark units to defend the city and used in the attack. The units marked with blue are in the defense army and are responsible for defending the city when other players attack them.

They always try to put no of troops as possible in the army. The rest of the players will try to defeat them when they attack them. But do not worry: even if your opponent is victorious, all defenders will be healed immediately after each battle to defend the city. Download Forge of Empires Cheats Unlimited Free Coins and Diamonds

forge cheatsIf they want to attack another player or an enemy on the Continent Map, they can choose units for the attacking army before the battle begins. These can be the same merchant units as defenders of the city. Even so, these units are not protected when they attack and can be destroyed or damaged … So you should be careful!

Finally, if you want to go straight to the results of the battle, you can do so by pressing the “Automatic Battle” button in Army Management. Keep in mind that the AI will take control of their units in this case and they will not be able to plan the movements of the units yourselves. Download Forge of empires great buildings cheat

Types of Units: Forge of empires battle cheats

In each age, there are five different military units that produce the different units of that age. The units differ in their type: There are fast units, light and heavy units, and units with long and short distance attack. Get Forge of empires hack cheat diamonds maker v 1.1

The fast units have a good range of movement, but they do not support much damage. They are a great way to eliminate units from a distance.

The light units are great for all types of battle; They are fast, they do good damage and they have a lot of stamina. They are better for intercepting cavalry units.

Heavy units are slow and very armored. They are formidable opponents when they are in body combat; They surpass all other units.

Short range units are fast and can make attacks from a distance, and their attack deals significant damage. Even so, they can not defend themselves and are a quick prey of all the units that attack them in body combat.

The artillery units are lost in body combat. They are very slow and have a weak attack. Their biggest advantage is that they can cover almost the entire battlefield with their attack and can attack almost all units.

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